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Latest Articles and Updates
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HowTo Install Kubernetes Client on MacOS
HowTo Install Kubernetes Client
Reference Kompose
HowTo Install Newer BASH on macOS
HowTo Install Kompose
HowTo Setup Kubernetes Local Dashboard
HowTo Install Kubernetes on Windows
HowTo Install Kubernetes on Mac
HowTo Install Kubernetes
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HowTo Install kubectl on Ubuntu
HowTo Install Docker on Ubuntu
HowTo Install Ubuntu BASH on Windows 10
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HowTo Install CircleCI CLI on Mac
HowTo Revert to older 2018 Darcula Syntax Theme on Jetbrains Apps
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HowTo Install Microsoft Fonts on macOS
HowTo Set Paste Default to Match Style on macOS
HowTo Setup Jenkins X on AWS with EKS
HowTo Configure Test Kitchen to Use ChefDK Chef Client
HowTo Set Proxy Settings for Atom Editor
Reference Journalctl
HowTo Export Chef Attributes for InSpec Usage
HowTo Configure Test Kitchen EC2 Driver to Use ChefDK
HowTo Disable Popup Notifications on Ubuntu
HowTo Install Nagios Core on Ubuntu from Source
HowTo Import Certificate Authority Root Certificate in Google Chrome
HowTo Install Golang on Ubuntu
HowTo Install Golang on macOS
HowTo Backup Vmware VM to Another Datastore with Ruby Script
HowTo Stream Xbox One to iPad
HowTo Use iPad as Additional Monitor for Mac or Windows
Reference Mac OS DevOps Workstation Setup Check List
Reference Ubuntu DevOps Workstation Setup Check List
KB Ubuntu 17 Grub Timeout Warning Fix
KB Fix VNC Desktop Sharing on Ubuntu Desktop
HowTo Enable Unity Desktop on Ubuntu
HowTo Use Chef and Cloudformation or Teraform to Setup Kubernetes Cluster in AWS
Reference Awk
HowTo Remove Old Kernel Images on Ubuntu
HowTo Fix Ubuntu Desktop to Boot without Monitor Connected
HowTo Remove Smart Home Device or Scene from Alexa
HowTo Change Device Backup Location for iTunes on macOS
HowTo Update & Cleanup Java JDK Version on macOS
HowTo Extract Multiple Jenkins Plugin JAR Files from BASH
HowTo Remove Old Job Builds on Jenkins with Groovy Script
HowTo Improve Performance of NFS Mount on Linux
HowTo Setup IntellJ IDEA Project for Automating Jenkins Core Configuration with Groovy Init Scripts
HowTo Setup Docker Container to Use Charles Proxy on macOS
HowTo Use Chef Zero in Dockerfile to Build Image with a Chef Cookbook
HowTo Install HashiCorp Vault on macOS
HowTo Migrate ServerSpec to InSpec - Part 3
HowTo Migrate ServerSpec to InSpec - Part 2
HowTo Migrate ServerSpec to InSpec - Part 1
HowTo Migrate ServerSpec Integration Tests to InSpec for Chef Cookbook
Reference Colordiff
HowTo Migrate ServerSpec to InSpec Integration Tests in a Chef Cookbook
HowTo Remove All Untagged Docker Images and Stopped Containers
HowTo Configure Amazon Linux Docker Image for Test Kitchen in Chef Cookbook
HowTo Install Terraform on macOS
HowTo Encrypt and Decrypt a Chef Data Bag Locally with Chef Zero
HowTo Refresh a Latest Git Tag for Current Release
HowTo Delete Git Tags On Github
HowTo Setup Knife to Use Local Chef Zero
HowTo Run Chef Shell with Chef Zero
Reference NPM
HowTo Install Node.js on macOS
HowTo Install NodeJS on CentOS
Reference Updatedb Symlink for macOS
HowTo Setup Project in IntellJ IDEA for Working with Jenkins Plugins Groovy Init Scripts
HowTo Configure Gradle for IntelliJ IDEA Project
HowTo Add Groovy SDK to IntelliJ IDEA
HowTo Add JDK Path to Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA on macOS
HowTo Install IntelliJ IDEA on Mac
HowTo Install Java Development Kit
Reference Secure Wordpress Nginx Configuration
HowTo Convert MySQL MyISam Tables to Innodb
HowTo Setup Mediawiki on Nginx Linux Host
Reference Secure Mediawiki Nginx Configuration
HowTo Install Java with SDKMan on MacOS or Linux
HowTo Install SDKMan on MacOS or Linux
Reference SDKMan
HowTo Install Nagios Core on CentOS from Source
HowTo Redirect Apex or Root Domain to www with AWS S3 and Route53
Reference Git
Reference Wireshark
HowTo Import a Public Signed Certificate to Sophos UTM Web Application Security
HowTo Add Web Site SSL Certificate to Astaro Security Gateway
HowTo Updated CA Root Cert Bundle on RHEL
HowTo Display Route Table on macOS
HowTo Upload Trusted SSL Certificate to AWS
HowTo Use CloudFormation Converter CLI Tool
HowTo Setup Squid Proxy in AWS with Chef and CloudFormation
HowTo Generate Trusted SSL Certificate with OpenSSL
HowTo Create Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive on macOS Sierra
HowTo Install Git LFS
Reference Git-LFS