Fix VNC Desktop Sharing on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04

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After upgrading to Ubuntu Desktop 14.04; you can no longer remotely connect to Ubuntu over Desktop Sharing (VNC). This assumes you had it working fine and the only thing that changed was upgrading Ubuntu Desktop.


  • Server did not offer supported security type!
  • Malformed security...
  • No matching security types
  • No supported authentication methods


  • type 18 TLS security enforced.
  • type 2 VNC security not published by default

Solution 1

sudo apt-get -y install dconf-tools
dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/remote-access/require-encryption false
/usr/lib/vino/vino-server --sm-disable start

Solution 2 (GUI)

  1. Install dconf-editor
    sudo apt install dconf-editor
  2. Launch dconf-edtor
    1. Use app search and search for dconf-editor
  3. Accept I will be careful
  4. Browse org | gnome | desktop | remote-access
  5. Toggle off Require Encryption
  6. Close Editor
  7. Restart Remote Desktop

Solution 3

gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false

Gnome-sticky-notes-applet Did not work for me

Solution 4

Figure out how to get the VNC client to support/work with type 18 TLS security.