Fix VNC Desktop Sharing on Ubuntu Desktop

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After upgrading to Ubuntu Desktop 14.04; you can no longer remotely connect to Ubuntu over Desktop Sharing (VNC) or a fresh install of Ubuntu 17+ with the newer default gnome desktop (no Unity or lightdm).


  • Server did not offer supported security type!
  • Malformed security...
  • No matching security types
  • No supported authentication methods


  • type 18 TLS security enforced.
  • type 2 VNC security not published by default

Ubuntu 17.x

Here are all the steps for a freshly install Ubuntu Desktop 17.10 on a Mac Mini.

Config Desktop Sharing (Vino)

  1. Open Desktop Sharing app
    1. Click on the menu button
    2. Search for Desktop Sharing
  2. Configure
    1. Enable Allow other users to view my desktop
    2. Set Password
    3. Set Notify how you would like
    4. Close
  3. Install dconf-editor
    sudo apt install dconf-editor
  4. Launch dconf-edtor
    1. Use app search and search for dconf-editor
  5. Accept I will be careful
  6. Browse org | gnome | desktop | remote-access
  7. Toggle off Require Encryption
  8. Close Editor

Change Desktop to xorg

The default Wayland gnome desktop will not work with Desktop Sharing for security reasons. So, we need to either use a different solution or we can switch to Ubuntu Xorg desktop. Which is still gnome and not Unity.

  1. Logout
  2. Select User
  3. Select Gear icon next to login
  4. Select second option Ubuntu xorg
  5. Login

Enable Sharing

  1. Open Settings | Sharing
  2. Toggle Sharing On
  3. Click Screen Sharing
  4. Toggle On
  5. Reboot & Test


Config Vino as Startup Application (Optional)

IF Screen Sharing is not listed under Settings | Sharing This is a workaround to start the Vino VNC server at startup:

  1. Select the Show Applications button (Like Start menu)
  2. Search for Startup Applications and open
  3. Select Add
  4. Enter Name Such as, Desktop Sharing or Vino
  5. Enter command /usr/lib/vino/vino-server
Check Service

By enabling the Desktop Sharing a user systemd service config should have been generated as such:

Description=Vino VNC server


Check Status

systemctl status vino-server --user


systemctl stop vino-server --user


systemctl start vino-server --user


systemctl restart vino-server --user

14.x to 16.x

Solution 1 (GUI)

  1. Install dconf-editor
    sudo apt install dconf-editor
  2. Launch dconf-edtor
    1. Use app search and search for dconf-editor
  3. Accept I will be careful
  4. Browse org | gnome | desktop | remote-access
  5. Toggle off Require Encryption
  6. Close Editor
  7. Restart Remote Desktop

Solution 2

sudo apt-get -y install dconf-tools
dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/remote-access/require-encryption false
/usr/lib/vino/vino-server --sm-disable start

Solution 3

gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false

Gnome-sticky-notes-applet Did not work for me

Solution 4

Figure out how to get the VNC client to support/work with type 18 TLS security.

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