Use iPad as Additional Monitor for Mac or Windows

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This article gives the steps to use an iPad or iPhone as an additional monitor for Mac or Windows system. The solution described in this article requires additional software that is not free. It was $10 when I set this up. The advantage of Duet Display software is it supports both Mac and Windows. Plus, it allows direct connection using USB/Lightning cable. Which gives less latency than the wifi solutions out there.

Example Environment

The following steps are specifically for macOS, but the same idea should apply to Windows.

  • macOS 10.13.3
  • MacBook Pro 2016
  • iPad Pro 10.5 2016

Install Duet Display App on iPad

  1. Download & Install Duet Display from the Apple App Store on the iPad or iPhone.

Install Duet Display Software on Computer

  1. Download the Duet Display software for Mac or Windows
  2. Install & set to run at boot if you wish
  3. Reboot as needed


  1. Launch app on computer
    Macos display settings ipad additional monitor 03.jpg
  2. Connect iPad to computer with USB/Lightning cable (Optional - Better Performance)
  3. Launch app on iPad
  4. Adjust Display settings to your liking
    1. Open System Preferences | Display | Arrangement
    2. Arrange to your physical position of the iPad so the mouse will flow from one screen to the iPad fluidly.
      Macos display settings ipad additional monitor 01.jpg
    3. Set the Scaled resolution of the iPad to your liking. I liked a little lower res so easier to read 1366x1024 (HiDPI)
      Macos display settings ipad additional monitor 02.jpg
  5. Example
    Windows Virtualbox VM running on my iPad (Monitor)! :)
    Macos display settings ipad additional monitor 04.jpg

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