Upload Trusted SSL Certificate to AWS

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This article gives the steps to upload a Trusted SSL/TLS Certificate to an AWS Account. Once it's in the AWS Account it can be used for Elastic or Application Load Balancers (ELB/ALB).


AWS CLI (Option 1)

AWS Web Console (Option 2)

Unfortunately at this time you can't simply upload the cert generically in the AWS Web console, but you can create or use an existing ELB/ALB to upload the cert with the GUI.

  1. Login to AWS Web Console
  2. Select EC2 | Load Balancers
  3. Either use an existing Load Balancer or create one
  4. Select the Load Balancer
  5. Select Listeners tab
  6. Select Add Listener OR Edit existing HTTPS Listener
  7. Select Upload a new SSL certificate to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    ELB Upload SSL Example
  8. Enter a Name
  9. Paste in CRT content to Private Key, Public Key Certificate and Certificate Chain'
  10. Select Save

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