Setup VNC Remote Screen Sharing on Ubuntu

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This article gives the steps to setup remote screen sharing VNC with vino on Ubuntu Desktop.


  • Ubuntu 18+


  1. Install Vino
    1. Usually it's already installed, but double check.
    sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y vino
  2. Run Default Ubuntu Gnome X Session
    1. On Ubuntu 18/19 Vino gnome interface doesn't seem to work with Ubunu Wayland. At login you'll need to select the default Ubuntu (gnome) desktop.
  3. Enable in Setting GUI
    1. Open Settings > Sharing
  4. Select Screen Sharing
    1. If it's not listed it's either because Vino is not installed or you are in Ubunut Wayland or some other desktop session type.
  5. Select toggle to enable
  6. Set password
  7. Close
  8. Test

Advanced Options

To access Vino advanced options use dconf-editor

  1. Install dconf-editor
    sudo apt install dconf-editor
  2. Launch dconf-edtor
    1. Use app search and search for dconf-editor
  3. Accept I will be careful
  4. Browse org | gnome | desktop | remote-access
  5. Select Options such as:
    1. Toggle on lock-screen-on-disconnect
    2. Toggle off Require Encryption most VNC clients don't support the TLS it requires
    3. Toggle off prompt-enabled
    4. Ignore the vnc password you see at bottom
  6. Close Editor
  7. Test

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