Setup Knife to Use Local Chef Zero

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This article gives the steps to configure Knife to use local Chef Zero instance.


  • ChefDK or Chef Client Installed

Generate PEM

Create an RSA Client PEM. Doesn't really matter because nothing is signed with the Chef Zero.

  1. Create Chef configuration directory
    mkdir ~/.chef
  2. Create Client PEM
    openssl genrsa -out ~/.chef/$USER.pem 2048

Configure Knife

Assuming we don't have a knife configure already in place.

  1. knife configure initial


WARNING: No knife configuration file found
Where should I put the config file? [/Users/username/.chef/knife.rb]
Please enter the chef server URL: [https://localhost.local/organizations/myorg]
Please enter an existing username or clientname for the API: [username]
Please enter the validation clientname: [chef-validator]
Please enter the location of the validation key: [/etc/chef-server/chef-validator.pem]
Please enter the path to a chef repository (or leave blank):

You must place your client key in:
Before running commands with Knife


You must place your validation key in:
Before generating instance data with Knife

Configuration file written to /Users/username/.chef/knife.rb

Start Chef Zero

Run as Daemon

chef-zero -d

Run in Background (Option 2)

chef-zero  > /dev/null  2>&1 &

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