Setup Gollum Ruby Gem to View and Edit Local Wiki Site on Mac

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This article gives the steps to use the Gollum Ruby Gem to view/edit local cloned Markdown wiki site on a Mac with ChefDK and Brew already installed.


Download Wiki Locally

  1. Create or change directories to where you would like to download the wiki git repo.
  2. Clone the wiki git repository
    git clone <repo url>

Install Brew Dependency

brew install icu4c

Install Gollum Gem

chef exec gem install gollum --no-rdoc --no-ri


  1. Change directory to the git cloned wiki
    cd /where/you/cloned/wiki_site
  2. Start Gollum (Sinatra) Web Servlet
    chef exec gollum
  3. Browse to local site

Stop Gollum

To Stop the web servlet simply hit CTRL C in the terminal

Upload Changes

After making any changes to the wiki site you then need to upload the changes to the origin git repo.

  1. Change directory to the git cloned wiki
    cd /where/you/cloned/wiki_site
  2. Commit Changes
    git commit -m 'my notes of my changes' *
  3. Upload Changes
    git push -u origin master

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