Setup AWS Simple Notification Service for Cloudwatch Email Alert

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This article gives the steps to setup Amazon Web Services Simple Notification Service (SNS). This is for email and SMS communications.

Create Topic

  1. Login to AWS web console
  2. Select Services at the top left
  3. Select Get Started if never been setup
  4. Select Topics | Create new topic
  5. Enter Topic name
    1. cloudwatch-alerts
  6. Enter Topic description
    1. cloudwatch
    2. Must be 10 or less characters for SMS support.
  7. Copy Topic ARN

Create Email Subscription

  1. Select Subscriptions | Create Subscription
  2. Paste Topic ARN
  3. Select Protocol | email
  4. Enter valid email address
  5. Select Create subscription

Verify Email Address

You should receive a verification email to the address you entered in the subscription. Click the Confirm subscription hyperlink in the email.

Gnome-sticky-notes-applet After clicking the confirmation link in the email; You should be able to refresh the SNS subscription page and see the Subscription ARN turn from Pending to the Subscription ARN.

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