Remove Smart Home Device or Scene from Alexa

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This article gives the steps to remove not just disable smart home devices or scenes from your Alexa app. At some point in revisions of the Alexa application, the ability to completely remove a smart device was replaced with a disable option. This can be annoying if you retired a device or want to replace scenes with Alexa routines. I looked far and wide and could not find the solution. So, I contacted support and they gave me the steps which are rather easy. Although, irritating that you must use the Alexa website and can not at this time do it from the Alexa app.


  • iPhone Alexa App v2.2.464.1

Remove from 3rd Party App

First be sure to remove the devices or scenes from the 3rd party app. Such as Samsung Smart Things, Kasa, Lutron etc.

Remove from Alexa

  1. Web Brower
  2. Browse to
  3. Login
  4. Select Smart Home | Devices OR Smart Home | Scenes
    2. OR
  5. Select Forget for each device or scene OR Forget All


  • Amazon Customer Service Email