Install Webmin on Ubuntu

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This article gives the steps to install Webmin System Administration Web Console on Ubuntu using apt. One of the many available admin modules includes one for Bind DNS administration.

Quick Install

sudo su
function setup_webmin_repo {
    apt update
    apt install -y curl openssl
    curl | sudo apt-key add -
    add-apt-repository -y -u -k 'deb sarge contrib'
    apt install -y webmin

Add Repo Key

sudo curl | sudo apt-key add -

Add Repo & Update

sudo add-apt-repository -y -u -k 'deb sarge contrib'


sudo apt install -y webmin

Configure Firewall

  • Webmin = TCP 10000
Iptables Configuration


  1. Open web browser and open the web console
    1. https://<ipaddress>:10000


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