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This article gives the steps to install Docker on Windows using the Docker Desktop package.

I usually use and recommend the community Edge version. With Edge you'll get the latest and greatest versions and Docker Desktop app options.


This docker native version uses it's own hypervisor (Hyperkit) solution and does not require Virtualbox. It seems a little more GUI friendly. What I do like is how easy it is to add proxy information through the GUI preferences. Of course, it would be better if we never had to be behind a proxy for the rest of our life...



  1. Run Docker Desktop Installer.exe


  1. Open the preferences by clicking on the systray Docker icon and selecting preferences
  2. Customize CPU, Memory, Proxy, File Sharing, Registries, and Privacy how you'd like.

Test Kitchen (kitchen-docker)

Gnome-sticky-notes-applet As of Test Kitchen 1.13.2 / kitchen-docker 2.6.0 you will need to add the following use_sudo: false for Kitchen to work with this style of install on macOS.

  name: docker
  use_sudo: false

Uninstall or Reset

Use Add/Remove Features