Setup Internal SMTP Relay Connector in Exchange 2010

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This article explains the steps to setup a receive connector in Exchange 2010 for relaying SMTP traffic from internal SMTP servers.


Setup New IP Address on the Server

  1. Either add another IP address to the network adapter or add another network card
  2. Create a DNS A record for the added IP address
    1. Example:
  3. Disable IPv6 if not going to be used

Create Receive Connector

  1. Open Exchange 2010 Management Console
  2. Browse to Server Configuration | Hub Transport
  3. Select Exchange Server you wish to add the connector to
  4. Select New Receive Connector...
  5. Give a Name for the connector
    1. Example: Internal SMTP Relay
  6. Leave default selection "Custom" under Select the intended use for this Receive Connector
  7. Next
  8. Remove any IPv6 if not used
  9. Select All Available IPv4 (25) | Edit...
  10. Change to Specify and IP Address
  11. Add the IP address that was used in the previous step above for instal systems to send their SMTP traffic too
  12. Ok
  13. Specify the FQDN that was added to DNS in the previous steps
    1. Example:
  14. Next
  15. Either edit for a local IP range or remove and add specific IP addresses to systems allowed to relay mail through this connector
    1. Example: for
  16. Next
  17. New
  18. Open new receive connector properties
  19. Select Authentication tab
  20. Uncheck all boxes
  21. Select Permission Groups
  22. Uncheck all boxes
  23. Ok

Set Permissions on Receive Connector

  1. Open Exchange PowerShell Console
  2. Type the following command with the correct name of the connector to set the AD permissions on the connect
    1. Get-ReceiveConnector "<Receive Connector Name>" | Add-ADPermission -User "NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON" -ExtendedRights "ms-Exch-SMTP-Accept-Any-Recipient"